Reach millions on the web

    Grow your player base and revenue while tapping into over two decades of industry experience when you publish your game with Arkadium.

    By Developers, for Developers

    Since 2001, Arkadium has developed and launched over 1,000 games as a family-owned and operated business.

    We have built more than 300 partnerships with some of the world's biggest media sites, growing our audience through game arenas.

    Now, we are turning our 2 decades of experience, technology, and partnerships into a platform for fellow developers worldwide to harness the power of browser games.

    • 70% of our 80+ employees are game developers
    • 20+ genres of games made and launched by us
    • Global team across 10 countries

    Be a part of the future of browser games. Submit your game for review to get started.

    Tap into our global distribution network​

    Over 18 million monthly users are waiting to play your game on and our partner arenas.

    • 150 million unique monthly game starts
    • 70% of users are based in the US or Canada
    • Trusted by 300+ global partners
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here and fill out the form to submit your game. Your game is guaranteed to be reviewed by our Developer Relations Team in a multi-step internal process. The team evaluates games based on design, aesthetics, player retention, gameplay session time, technology, and current portfolio fit. We will review your submission and follow up regarding any potential next steps.

    As the creator of over 1,000 games designed for the grown-up player – from the Solitaire that came on your Windows machine to the best-loved versions of Crossword, Mahjong, and titles representing 25 different genres, we have spent over two decades perfecting fun as a trusted partner to some of the best-known brands.

    With over 18 million monthly users and 300+ global partners, Arkadium is the destination for developers looking to expand their reach to the growing adult casual gamer. Arkadium offers the best opportunities for game developers who want to tap into a built-in audience of millions of engaged players on the web.

    As a family-owned and operated business creating games since 2001, with 70% of its employees being developers, we uniquely understand what developers are looking for when considering potential publishers and partners. Here are some of the benefits offered through Arkadium for Developers:

    Global Distribution: Arkadium supports over 300+ international partnerships, including USA Today, AARP, The Washington Post, MSN, and many more. Access to Arkadium's global distribution network can significantly increase a game's visibility and potential player base to a baked-in audience of 18 million monthly users.

    A Seasoned Ally:: Arkadium knows firsthand that developers are focused on creating the best game possible, meaning they may lack the time or resources to get their game in front of a wider audience. Partnering with a trusted source like Arkadium means tapping into a network of experienced gaming professionals ranging from creative to quality assurance to ensure your game has the best chance possible to succeed across our sites.

    Marketing and Promotion: While many may hope their game becomes a viral hit on its own, marketing and promotion are crucial to a game's long-term success. Arkadium has experience and a proven track record of marketing games effectively. Our system is so effective that paid user acquisition is unnecessary en masse.

    Fill out the form and include a playable link to your game. No game build uploads are required or accepted at this stage. Your game should be designed or adjusted for seamless play on web browsers, responsive, and playable via desktop, mobile, and tablet views. Once launched, it will integrate ads (static, video, and rewarded video) and potentially microtransactions.

    While we appreciate the diversity of game development, we prefer games created with HTML5 or Unity for technical reasons. HTML5 games offer seamless integration into web environments and enhance accessibility. Common game engines and frameworks that utilize HTML5 include Phaser, Three.js, Babylon.js, Cocos2d-html5, Construct 3, and many more. Unity developers can also leverage our technology to launch games on our network.

    Yes, assuming your game isn't published exclusively on another publishing platform, Arkadium for Developers is a great way to generate more revenue and expand your game's audience. Unlike other game publishers, we don't require exclusive access to your games, as we're focused on offering our audience a broad range of games to play.

    Arkadium's library of 150+ games spans 28 categories, from Arcade to Word and everything in between. Our games are easy to learn and are so engaging that players keep returning day after day. Although our games are for a mature audience, they don't include violence or adult content. If you want access to an audience of adult casual gamers, Arkadium is one of the game publishers you should consider.

    We are now opening our platform for games targeting younger adults as well. If your game is or could be a good fit for anyone over the age of 25, we'd love to check it out.

    To get started, submit your game through the form. Please allow our developer relations team some time to review your submission. They will be in touch with feedback and to offer the next steps.